Un Amour de Swann : Summary

Length: 111 Min. Format: 35mm Colour

Premiere (FR): 22.02.1984, Paris

Volker Schlöndorff about Un Amour de Swann:

"I must have been sixteen or seventeen,... I devoured "Un Amour de Swann" in one weekend, lying appropriately under the apple trees in the garden of my boarding school. ... Proust revealed three worlds to me: the French language, the corresponding society and the unknown regions of love and jealousy. ...

At the time, I, like Charles Swann, had only one desire: to become assimilated in France. ...

When I was offered "Un Amour de Swann", I didn't hesitate for a second. I accepted without reading the book again. ... I saw images in my mind's eye: a man wandering at night across the boulevards, from one bar to the next, in a feverish state of euphoria, searching for a woman who constantly eludes him. He knocks late at night on a window which is not hers. One afternoon, he subjects her to a long session of questioning, he tortures her with his jealousy and takes enjoyment in his own suffering.

Odette and Paris: a woman, larger than life, and a city, the epitome of all cities, as well as the man who tries to possess them both - that for me is "Un Amour de Swann".