Strike : Summary

Length: 104 Min. Format: 35mm Colour

Premiere (CA): 11.09.2006, Toronto, IFF

Bavarian Film Awards 2007 (Best Cinematography)
Bavarian Film Awards 2007 (Best Actress)
IFF Saturno 2006 Golden Saturn (Best Film)

Can a single person change the course of history? Hardly. Such legends are born at a later time. But a single person can be the catalyst for a powerful development.

Agnieszka (Katharina Thalbach) is a small woman. She was an orphan, is the mother of an illegitimate child, Catholic, a Socialist Workers hero, a welder and a crane operator in the Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk. Life hasn’t been easy on her. Her husband dies shortly after their marriage, her son distances himself from her. She works hard and diligently, and expects the same sense of diligence from others, particularly from party members. Quick-witted and with humour, she is able to forge her way past the fat cats and masters, but eventually they get her and she is fired on a false pretense. Showing their solidarity, her colleagues strike in order to force her reinstatement. Suddenly the whole shipyard is striking, and then all Polish factories. Solidarnosc is born.

The actions of a single worker set the strikes in the Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk in motion, which brought about the independent labour union Solidarnosc, which lead to Perestroika and, finally, to the fall of the Berlin Wall.