Palmetto : Summary

Length: 115 Min. Format: 35mm Technicolor

Premiere: 02.04.1998

Harry Barber (Woody Harrelson) has to serve two years in prison - for a crime that he didn't commit. Now back outside, Harry doesn't have to wait long before an opportunity arises for him to settle his outstanding scores with the rest of the world. The seductive Rhea Malroux (Elisabeth Shue) offers him $ 50,000 if Harry will help her to kidnap her step-daughter Odette (Chloe Sevigny). A kidnapping that is in fact bogus: the two women are in league to rip off the rich Felix Malroux (Rolf Hoppe). Kid's stuff, thinks Harry who is taken in by the charms of the money and the beautiful woman. And it is a complete surprise when he suddenly finds that he is driving around with a dead body in the car boot. For Harry, his days in Florida have become decidedly much hotter - and the noose around his neck is getting ever tighter.