Michael Kohlhaas : Summary

Length: 100 Min. Format: 35mm Colour

Premiere: 11.04.1969, Cannes, IFF (FBW "valuable")

IFF Straßburg (Human Rights Prize),
Honorary Certificate Dama del Pargua

“A handsome, straightforward adaption of the 1810 novella written by Heinrich von Kleist, about a rigorously honest man named Michael Kohlhaas, a successful horse dealer who, when the courts refuse to uphold his claim against a rich landowner, takes the law into his own hands. The setting is a small German principality and the time the mid-16th century. In his pursuit of the landowner, the single-minded Kohlhaas gathers together a small armed band that first burns down the landowner's castle, sacks one city and eventually threatens the entire country. Thus Kohlhaas, first seen as the unquestioning recipient of God's favor, suddenly becomes a bandit, operating outside the laws he once invoked and which will eventually doom him.”

(New York Times)