A Gathering of old Men : Summary

Length: 91 Min. Format: 35mm Colour

Premiere: Cannes 1987, IFF; German Premiere: 24.09.1987, Hamburg (FBW "especially valuable")

When a sheriff arrives at the home of a black man to investigate the murder of a white farmer in the deepest South of the USA, he finds 18 elderly black men and Candy (Holly Hunter), the white plantation owner, already there, each holding a recently fired rifle and claiming to be the killer. The sheriff must present the murderer to his white friends to prevent them from practising lynch justice. He doesn't want any unrest in his district, but becomes increasingly frustrated as neither interrogations, beatings or threats of violent retaliation can intimidate the old men. Each one professes his guilt and all of them have a motive: the cruelty of the dead white man.