A degree of murder : Summary

Length: 87 Min. Format: 35mm Colour

Premiere: 19.04.1967, München, Filmcasino (FBW "valuable")

German Film Awards 1967 (Film Ribbon in Silver, Production; Film Ribbon in Gold, Cinematography)

It is evening-time: Marie (Anita Pallenberg) is getting ready for bed. There is a ring at the door: it is her boyfriend Hans (Werner Enke), but she isn't keen to see him anymore. However, she hesitantly opens the door when his knocking and shouts gets ever louder. He packs his things, wants to leave her, but not without sleeping with her one last time. But Marie has a different view about this, there is a scuffle, she reaches for the gun and takes a pop at him: Hans is badly injured and slowly dies before her eyes.

That same day, Marie meets Günther (Hans Peter Hallwachs) in a bar and offers him money to get rid of the body. Beforehand, the two have fun together on Marie's bed - right next to the dead body. Then, along with Günther's friend Fritz (Manfred Fischbeck), the odd couple set off on a car journey to dispose of the body wrapped up in Marie's carpet at the site for a new motorway.